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RAD Security Europe BV
Havenstraat 71
1211 KH Hilversum
The Netherlands

RAD Security Services Inc.
163 West 18th St. suite 1B
New York, NY 10011

RAD Security is an international company specializing in personal protection which provides services to individuals and racompanies who have high expectations in terms of service and confidentiality in relation to security for themselves, their family or their organization.

RAD Security Service Inc. has been providing personal protection in the US since 2006. The activities are aimed at the entertainment and business sectors. The activities in the US are coordinated from the headquarters in New York. RAD stands for Reliable, Alert and Discreet, the essential requirements for successful personal protection.

RAD Security Service Inc. employs primarily European protection personnel. They travel all over the world and safeguard the safety of their clients, who are often captains of industry at companies in the Fortune 500 Global.

With an office in Hilversum, RAD Security Europe i.o. also operates in the Netherlands and Europe. The team running the activities in Europe consists of Peter van der Veen, Julius de Boer and Nico Raat alongside Norman Oosterbroek. All the bodyguards used by RAD have had relevant training and a background in the police (Arrest Team, Special Interventions Unit, Royal and Diplomatic Protection Squad and Special Support Unit) or the military police (Special Protection Service). They have extensive experience of personal protection.